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Beyond Horizons

Carmen Delprat

Gallery Open: Tue -Sat 10-2 Sun 10-1

Beyond Horizons

Beyond Horizons invites you to discover the unique collection of recent illustrations and oil paintings by the Novocastrian artist Carmen Delprat. Specialising in the captivating realms of breezy beach landscapes and female portraits adorned with exotic shells, Carmen's artistic journey is marked by a rich educational background, including a Bachelor of Visual Arts, Diploma in Art, Masters Degree in Fine Art, and a Graduate Diploma in Art.

Carmen's artistic passion shines through as she intricately captures and allegorises the natural world, transforming it into dreamlike interpretations where the familiar meets the fantastical. Merging various styles such as fine art, Surrealism, and Symbolism, she crafts each piece with a delicate unique approach. The viewer is invited to take the time to appreciate the organic use of line and form while exploring the gentle feelings of comfort and ease with dreamy imagery and vivid colour harmonies. Across different mediums, Carmen uniquely fuses layers of imagery, creating compositions that gently shift focus, revealing hidden narratives within.

Beyond Horizons invites viewers to immerse themselves in Carmen's creations, where every stroke and detail ignites nostalgia, forming a visual dialogue between the observer and the artwork. Carmen's work is a harmonious blend of soothing aesthetics and profound strength, promising an exhibition that transcends horizons and resonates with the essence of each observer's individual experience.

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