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Gloucester Gallery is staffed by volunteers.
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Artists of Wallamba

Hanging Together

The Artists of Wallamba

Exhibition dates:

28 March 2024

21 April 2024

Opening Saturday 30th March 11am - 2pm

The Artists of Wallamba exhibition is an engaging visual experience using a diverse range of techniques and mediums.

Gallery Open: Mon -Sat 10-2 Sun 10-1

It's In Our Nature

It's In Our Nature

Suzanne Li, Christine Long, Irene Lines, Helga Visser

Exhibition dates:

25 April 2024

19 May 2024

Gallery Open: Tue -Sat 10-2 Sun 10-1

Beyond Horizons

Beyond Horizons

Carmen Delprat

Exhibition dates:

23 May 2024

16 June 2024

Beyond Horizons invites viewers to immerse themselves in Carmen's creations, where every stroke and detail ignites nostalgia, forming a visual dialogue between the observer and the artwork.

Gallery Open: Tue -Sat 10-2 Sun 10-1

Volunteer in the Gallery

Help keep the cultural side of Gloucester alive and volunteer. Activities run by GACCI are only possible because of you. Gloucester Gallery is one of those activities

Choose a 3 hour morning or afternoon session, bring some work or a book and enjoy the art. No experience is necessary and all help is gratefully received.  

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Exhibit with us

Gloucester Gallery provides emerging and established artists an opportunity to exhibit in a prominent, high-traffic location in the centre of town. The gallery space is a blank canvas, which can be easily adapted to suit any type of exhibition.  

If you are interested in holding an exhibition at Gloucester Gallery...

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