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Professionals in visual and media industries showcase art to inspire creative careers


A Display of art from professionals working in visual art and media  industries to demonstrate possibilities and inspire creative careers.







The exhibtion will include a behind the scenes look at the design process of print on demand, ecommerce and creative merchanise.

The will also  be a  live DJ set by DOUGIE STYLZ 

James Zarb

Generative art

One year ago, I embarked on a transformative journey as an AI artist, and it's been an

incredible ride ever since. With the integration of technology and creativity, I've found a

new way to express myself and bring my visions to life. Through countless hours of

dedication, I've honed my skills in digital art and machine learning, allowing me to merge

the power of artificial intelligence with my imagination. Today, I stand at the crossroads of

human passion and technological innovation, pushing the boundaries of artistic

expression and captivating audiences with my AI-infused masterpieces. It's been an

extraordinary adventure, and I can't wait to see where this fusion of art and technology

takes me next.

Artist’s Profile - Shelley Kurtz

Graphic design

Shelley is an award winning graphic designer and artist.

Growing up in Sydney, Shelley attended art classes once a week after

school. Her Grandfather encouraged her to draw & paint by buying her

different art supplies.

She attended Ku-ring-gai Creative Arts High School where she first

discovered her passion for graphic design.

Moving from Sydney to Newcastle, Shelley studied a Bachelor of Visual

Communication Design, majoring in Illustration in which she graduated

with distinction.

Shelley moved to the Mid North Coast in 2011 and It was during this

time she started painting close ups of birds - acrylic on canvas. She

would live paint at the markets, whilst selling her work.

Shelley got her first full time graphic design job in Tuncurry, which

sadly meant her paint brush would take a back seat. Soon after, she

started her freelance graphic design & photography business - Creative

Shell and this became her main focus.

She has shifted her medium to digital art, drawing her artworks on a

computer using a program called Adobe Illustrator. Her inspiration comes

from her love of birds, her pet parrot Sun Conure, annual trips to Hawaii

and her obsession with colour.

Known for her simplistic style, almost cartoon like, Shelley heavily relies

on colour to evoke a response within the viewer by using bright palettes.

Leigh Hooker

Visual Artist

Leigh is an intuitive painter working from her home studio in Tuncurry NSW. Passionate

about portraiture in mixed media, she continues to explore a variety of mediums, some of

which are sugar spray paint, acrylics, gold leaf, charcoal, inks and tea. Inspired by dreams,

feelings, emotions and a love of nature which is woven through layered works in a style of

Abstract Realism.

A highlight of her work was a commission by Waminda Aboriginal Women’s Health and

Welfare Corporation for a series of 12 portrait murals depicting Elders and Women of the

Waminda community in 2018/2019.

Gemma Stylz

Visual art and design

Hailing from the UK and now rooted in the peaceful countryside of NSW, Gemma's artistic

strengths lie in her diversity. With a focus on figurative art, she offers a range of services,

from realistic portraits in traditional oils and pencils to digital design for merchandise,

prints, and web ready graphics.

In her past, Gemma was well known in the world of custom tattoo art internationally. She

was guided by renowned mentors and attended classes & seminars worldwide, including

in Japan, the USA, Canada, the UK, and New Zealand. These days, she continues her

artistic and business growth through online studies.

At present, Gemma is quietly crafting a new collection of art inspired by dreams and

symbolism, all in styles that aim to bring a touch of enchantment to your daily life. She's

also working on developing skills as a children's book illustrator and continues to offer

freelance art services to small businesses and collectors.

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